The Happy Mondays management got in touch to do another record, which i was super up for. They gave me a budget and this time i was in charge of making trax to bring over and then write the lyrics and melodies with Shaun (Ryder). I started making trax and was having a ball designing what i thought it should sound like. 

Ever since I heard “Doldrums” I have been a big fan of Ariel Pink and his work. So i got in touch with my boy Kevie Kev who went to high school with Ariel to see if he could link us and within about 2 hours i was on the phone with Ariel and the next day he was at my studio. I just wanted his sound and brain to somehow be a part of this new record. What we came up with was that he would come back with a huge bag of tapes and his 8 track machine and he would give me unfinished raw material to chop and sample as i pleased. so cool for me….

I kept making trax then went to Manchester to work with Shaun. Stayed at his house rather than a hotel and we went to work at Moulah Rouge studios (where Elbow, badly drawn boy, + many peeps work). Best studio around, love it there. spent alot of time in there.

we started workin and in the first night knew we were on some shit… it became evident by the clarity of Shaun’s ideas and the focus he had that this was in fact a Shaun Ryder record rather than a Monday’s record.

we did 7 songs over there and then a couple months later Shaun came out to Venice (california) to finish the album on my turf. was wild to have him here and live on his hours but in my own life. i would make the trax from about 3pm on then he would come in around 9 or 10, then we hit the bar and stroll abbot kinney then back to the studio i had at the time. was a massive house that ShangriLa records was renting that had many bedrooms and a full recording studio as well as a second studio set up with all my gear. I had been making some records for them at the time and had a great hustle going where i got to keep my studio there and use the main studio. GooD Hustle.. at the time the band Duke Spirit was staying in the house as well as an artist named Yoav. was a funny scene. SHaun stayed at the Cadillac Hotel right on the board walk in the midst of the venice craze. he loved it there…

we made a mega record. im very proud of it. its yet to come out. but it will soon. this one song “Monster” was released on a compilation so i figured its cool to post.